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Re-skinning guide

If you want to change some or all of the graphics in the kit, it is very easy to do so. The kit makes extensive use of fundamental building blocks in Unity like scenes and prefabs, so if you are familiar with them the process will mainly be a matter of replacing their sprites accordingly.

How to customize the game screens?

All the screens in the game are Unity scenes located in the Scenes folder that use Unity's built-in UI system.

These are all the screens in the game:

  • HomeScreen: The home screen.
  • LevelScreen: The level map screen.
  • GameScreen: The game screen.

How to customize the game's popups?

All the popups in the game are prefabs located in the Resources/Popups folder that are dynamically spawned via script as appropriate during the game and have an associated independent script that contains their specific logic. In order to modify them, you can double-click over them to enter the prefab editing mode in Unity and apply your custom changes to them.

These are all the popups in the game:

  • AlertPopup: generic alert dialog used to show information or errors.
  • BuyCoinsPopup: coins shop.
  • BuyLivesPopup: lives shop.
  • ConfirmationPopup: generic confirmation dialog used to confirm important player actions.
  • LevelGoalsPopup: shown right before a game begins in order to let the player know what are the goals of the level.
  • LoadingPopup: generic loading popup.
  • LosePopup: shown when the player loses a game.
  • OutOfBubblesPopup: shown when a game is finished because the player has no bubbles left.
  • PausePopup: in-game pause popup that allows the player to change the audio settings and restart or exit the game.
  • SettingsPopup: the settings popup located in the home scene.
  • StartGamePopup: shown when a player clicks on a level button in the level scene.
  • WinPopup: shown when the player wins a game.

How to customize the bubbles?

You can find all the bubble prefabs used in the game (and their associated particle prefabs) in the Prefabs folder.