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Create a new 2D project in Unity

Open Unity (you will need to use Unity 2022.3.11 or higher) and create a new 2D URP project. We highly recommend creating a new, empty project from scratch as opposed to importing the kit on an existing project, as the action of importing the asset will overwrite your current project settings.

Import Match-2 Kit Pro into your project

Download and import the Match-2 Kit Pro package into your project.

Enable Fast Play Mode in the Unity editor

This step is optional but, because the kit is compatible with the new Fast Play Mode available since Unity 2019.3, you should always enable it to get a blazing fast experience when pressing the Play button in the Unity editor. You can change this in your Project Settings (located in the Edit/Project Settings menu option). In the Editor section, toggle the Enter Play Mode Options (Experimental) flag on.


If all goes well, you should not have any errors on the console and you should be able to run the game by opening the Home scene and clicking on the Play button. Make sure you have added all the scenes (located in the Match2KitPro/Scenes folder) to your build settings if you want to build a player.

If you run into any issues during the process, please reach us via our support channel and we will be happy to help.