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Cards in the kit are Scriptable Objects. You can create a new card asset by right-clicking on your Project view and selecting the Single-Player CCG Kit/Templates/Card option. Once you have created a card template asset, you can edit it using the kit's editor located in the Tools/Single-Player CCG Kit/Editor menu option and selecting the Cards tab. This will bring you to the following view:

Here you can edit the following properties of the card:

  • Id: The unique identifier of the card (an integer number). This is mainly used when saving the player's state (using numerical identifiers is a very compact way to store a collection of cards and is also more flexible than the alternative of storing the names which could potentially change).
  • Name: The name of the card.
  • Cost: The mana cost to play the card.
  • Type: The type of card. We do not use these in the demo game, but it is provided for convenience for your own games (e.g., you might want different styles/frames for different card types).
  • Material: The material to use for the card picture. We use the default sprite material in Unity, but you might want to use your own custom shaders with more advanced effects for your game.
  • Picture: The sprite to use as the card's picture.
  • Upgrade: An optional card template that indicates the card to which this card upgrades to.
  • Effects: The effects of the card (e.g., dealing damage, healing HP, etc.).