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Create a new Unity project

Open the Unity Hub and create a new 2D project:


The kit requires using Unity 2021.3.19 LTS or higher. We always recommend using the latest LTS version available. Long-term support releases of Unity are the most stable for production purposes.


We do not provide support for alpha or beta releases of the engine. These versions are under heavy development and they might have issues that are completely outside our control.

Import DOTween and Mirror into your project

Download and import the DOTween and Mirror assets into your project from the Package Manager available in the Window menu option. These are two free assets that the kit depends on and which are used for animations and networking, respectively.

Import CCG Kit into your project

  • Download and import the CCG Kit asset into your project from the Package Manager available in the Window menu option. Make sure you select the 'Install/Upgrade' option when prompted by Unity about the Package Manager dependencies.
  • Select the 'TextMeshPro/Import TMP Essential Resources' option in the Window menu. This will make sure TextMeshPro is properly set up in your project.

At this point, you should not have any errors on the console and you should be able to run the kit's accompanying demo in LAN mode (you will need to generate a build to act as the second player). Make sure you have added all the demo scenes (located in the CCGKit/Demo/Scenes folder) to your build settings in the following order:

Make sure you always start the demo game from the Home scene. The recommended way to develop and test the kit is via the LAN functionality; you can play as the first player via the Unity editor and as the second player via a standalone build. You can also use the included single-player mode.

Configure the online multiplayer feature in your own dedicated server

If you want to be able to create and join online games via your own dedicated server, you will need to follow this guide in order to enable the Dedicated Server Kit integration in your project.