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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to know how to program in order to use CCG Kit?

Yes. While the kit includes an editor that makes it able to define and tweak many of your game's properties visually, it is not a visual scripting framework. You (or someone on your team) will need to know how to program in C# and have a fundamental knowledge of networking in order to use and further customize and extend the asset.

We have recently launched the Create your own multiplayer collectible card game with Unity course to provide a simpler, step-by-step introduction to building your own CCG from scratch. If you feel CCG Kit may be too complex or intimidating for you, the course may be a better alternative.

What is the minimum Unity version required for CCG Kit?

The kit requires using Unity 2021.3.19 LTS or higher.


The kit requires using Unity 2021.3.19 LTS or higher. We always recommend using the latest LTS version available. Long-term support releases of Unity are the most stable for production purposes.


We do not provide support for alpha or beta releases of the engine. These versions are under heavy development and they might have issues that are completely outside our control.

Is CCG Kit exclusively multiplayer?

While the kit is definitely focused on the multiplayer aspect of a CCG, we also provide a single-player mode that can be used for testing purposes and as a starting point to building your own single-player/story modes. You can read more about how the built-in single player works here.

Does CCG Kit run on mobile platforms and WebGL?

No, it does not. While the kit is powered by Mirror as its networking library and it might be technically possible to make it work on platforms like mobile and WebGL, please note we only officially support desktop platforms.

Does CCG Kit include server-side persistent storage functionality like a card shop, card packs purchasing/opening or tournaments?

No, it does not. The kit is intended to be used as a starting point for creating your own multiplayer CCG. It will save you many hours of development time and can also be used as a learning tool, but further work is expected if you want to release your game. A multiplayer CCG is a complex project and there is really no way around that. Some areas that you would need to expand upon for a commercially shipped product would possibly include:

  • Developing your own visual style (card art, effects, etc.) and sounds.
  • Designing your own game mechanics.
  • Creating and balancing your own collection of cards.
  • Integrating server-side persistent data like player card/deck collections, booster pack purchases, etc.

Having all these features built-in would take a significantly more expensive and complex asset. Also, no game does them in the exact same way, so even in that scenario additional work would still be required.We do our best to improve the kit with every update based on the user feedback, but the focus is always more on the core features than on the very game-specific ones.

What happened to the original UNET-based version of the kit?

UNET has been officially deprecated in 2022. As of version 2.0.0, CCG Kit uses Mirror as its networking library. Mirror is an open-source, evolved version of UNET with a vibrant user community which is actively developed and maintained. Migrating the kit to Mirror guarantees compatibility with the latest stable version of Unity as of this writing, Unity 2021 LTS.

Do you offer individual discounts?

We do not. The best way to purchase our assets at a reduced price is when they get selected for a sale.

Do you provide hosting and/or deployment support for my CCG?

We do not. Please note that, when using the kit with a dedicated server, you are fully responsible for the provision, maintenance and payment of the server. We do not provide technical support for server-specific and server deployment issues. A basic knowledge of server administration on your end is therefore highly recommended if you intended to deploy the kit to a dedicated server of your own.