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Code architecture


The code in Candy Match 3 Kit is grouped logically in the following independent folders:

  • Core: The foundational scripts used across the entire kit. This includes basic components like object pools, buttons and popups.
  • Editor: The editor scripts used in the visual editor located in the Candy Match 3 Kit/Editor menu.
  • Game: The scripts that implement the match-3 gameplay.

The Game folder is further divided into several sub-folders, which we are going to describe next.

Game scripts

  • Boosters: Contains the scripts of the in-game purchasable boosters. They derive from the base Booster class.
  • Combos: Contains the scripts of the candy combos. All combos derive from the base Combo class and they are handled by the ComboDetector class.
  • Common: Contains the scripts of the general game scripts. For example, all the basic game type definitions and the very important GameBoard class, where the match-3 gameplay is handled.
  • Matches: Contains the scripts for detecting matches during a game (horizontal, vertical, T-shaped and L-shaped). All matches derive from the base MatchDetector class.
  • Popups: Contains the scripts of all the popups in the game. You can find more about them here.
  • Scenes: Contains the scripts of all the scenes in the game (home, level and game).
  • Tiles: Contains the scripts of all the tiles in the game (candies, special blocks, collectables, etc.).
  • UI: Contains the scripts of all the game-specific UI widgets in the kit.