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How can I add a background music?

We use a background music in the demo but we are not allowed to redistribute it, so you need to do it manually yourself. You can find the download link in the Credits.pdf file located inside the Sounds folder. Once you have downloaded the music and imported it into your project (remember to set its Load Type as Streaming, which is the recommended setting for background music), you just need to drag it into the Audio Source component of the BackgroundMusic object located in the home scene.

How can I change the game configuration that is used in the game?

The CategorySelectionScreen component used in the kit's category selection scene provides a Game Configuration setting where you can set the game configuration asset to use in the game. This allows you to use custom game configurations without the need to modify the kit's source code:

How can I change the questions that are used in the game?

The GameScreen component used in the kit's game scene provides several settings that may be helpful during development. The first one is the Question order, which may be Randomized (the one you will generally want in your game, where the questions happen in random order) or Test (where the questions happen in the order specified in the editor, which may be particularly useful during testing).

The second one is the Question pack to load, which may be All (where all the packs from the specified question pack set are loaded) or Single (where a single pack, with the name specified in the Question pack name field, will be loaded).

How can I have the text of the game in a different language (e.g., Russian, Chinese, etc.)?

The kit uses TextMesh Pro for its text rendering, which is an official asset developed by Unity that provides advanced text rendering capabilities (including support for different languages). Please note the font we use in the kit does not support all these different languages, though; you will need to create your own font asset with a font that supports your language using TextMesh Pro's Font Asset Creator (located in the Window/TextMeshPro/Font Asset Creator menu option). We recommend watching this video and reading this forum post in order to learn how this process works.

How can I download questions dynamically from a server?

The best way to do it would be to package your questions pack into a Unity asset bundle, which can then be downloaded from a server (for which the UnityWebRequest class can be useful). You will need to write some code on your end to handle this (or, alternatively if you are using a tool like Playmaker, using an integration like this one).