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Gameplay tutorial

The kit is inspired by the gameplay of Hearthstone, so a familiarity with it is highly recommended before playing the kit's demo game.

The following are the main gameplay elements found in the demo game:

  • The game is exclusively 1v1 (2v2 and similar variants are not provided).

  • The game plays in consecutive turns; one player after another. A player cannot act during their opponent's turn.

  • Each player starts the game with 20 life and 1 mana.

  • Mana increments by 1 automatically at the beginning of every player's turn.

  • The first player to reduce their opponent's life to 0 wins the game.

  • The first player to run out of cards from the deck loses the game.

  • There are two types of cards: creatures and spells. Cards have a mana cost located on the upper left part of the card that indicates the amount of mana that is spent by the player when playing the card.

  • Creatures are played on the board, where they can fight the opponent or their creatures. Creatures can have special abilities that you can read in the card's description. Creatures cannot fight in the same turn they are played (this is indicated by the sleeping-like particle effects).

  • Creatures have two stats: attack (lower left part of the card) and life (lower right part of the card) that are used in combat.

  • When a creature fights another creature, every creature simultaneously deals damage equal to its attack to the opposing creature. Creatures with life equal to or lower than 0 die and are automatically moved to the graveyard.

  • When a creature fights a player, the creature deals damage equal to its attack to the player.

  • Spells provide one-off effects as per the card's description.

  • Creatures can have two abilities: impetus and provoke.

  • Creatures with impetus can fight the same turn they are played (equivalent to Hearthstone's rush).

  • Creatures with provoke force the opponent to attack them before they can target any other creature without provoke or the player (equivalent to Hearthstone's taunt). Provoke is indicated by a large shield-like border on the card.