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This is an introduction to the basic gameplay elements found in Trivia Quiz Kit.

Question types

Trivia Quiz Kit offers three types of questions:

Single choice

Select a unique correct answer from a list of possible answers:

Multiple choice

Select as many correct answers as wanted from a list of possible answers:

True or false

Select whether the question/statement is true or false:

Every question has the following properties:

  • Question: The text of the question.
  • Answers: The text of the answers.
  • Image: An optional image to accompany the question.
  • Categories: The category or categories to which the question belongs.

Game modes

Trivia Quiz Kit offers two game modes:

Time limit

The player will have a time limit to answer every question (the limit can be configured from the editor).

No time limit

The player will have as much time as needed to answer every question.