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Create a new Unity project

Open the Unity Hub and create a new 2D project:


The kit requires using Unity 2021.3.19 LTS or a higher Unity 2021 LTS version (please note the kit strictly requires Unity 2021 and is currently not compatible with any other versions of Unity due to its use of the Entities package). We always recommend using the latest LTS version available. Long-term support releases of Unity are the most stable for production purposes.


We do not provide support for alpha or beta releases of the engine. These versions are under heavy development and they might have issues that are completely outside our control.

Import Fruit Swipe Match 3 Kit into your project

Download and import the Fruit Swipe Match 3 Kit asset into your project. If all goes well, you should not have any errors on the console and you should be able to run the game by opening the Home scene and clicking on the Play button. Make sure all the scenes of the project (located in the FruitSwipeMatch3Kit/Scenes folder) are included in your build settings:

Please note that the Home scene always needs to be the first scene you run and also the first scene in your build settings, as it contains the code that initializes the entire game. Also, please make sure you have selected a portrait aspect ratio in the Game tab of your Unity editor, as the game is designed around a portrait orientation.

Running the game on mobile

In order to run the game on a mobile device, you will need to be familiar with the process of generating a mobile build with Unity. Please refer to the official Unity documentation available here:

Please note that the process of generating a build is different to the traditional one in Unity because the kit uses the Entities package. Please refer to the documentation available here in order to learn how to generate a build on a project that uses the Entities package.